Intensive Course

Our Intensive One to One Course provides concentrated individual tuition for potential taxi drivers within the City of Edinburgh and also at Edinburgh Airport.

We have been running our Intensive One to One Course continuously since 1991 and have trained numerous Edinburgh taxi drivers using this method.

Our success rate is second to none.


We are proud that our structured programme, professional approach and attention to the requirements of the individual have made this outstanding achievement possible.

Our students have come from all walks of life and their initial knowledge of the city has varied immensely. These students realised that the comprehensive training provided, would not only prepare them for the Council’s Topographical Test, but also give them much more confidence when they actually started to drive a taxi.

Many of these students faced redundancy and their future prospects within their own fields of expertise were bleak. A common reason given by these pupils for this career change was a desire to have much more control within their working lives.

Over the years many individuals have funded the Intensive Course themselves. These students felt that the concentrated one to one training gave them the extra impetus and encouragement required to succeed in a shorter timespan. The cost involved in this worthwhile investment in their future career, could be offset as a legitimate expense when the taxi driver’s first year’s financial accounts were being prepared.

In the past, funding for our Intensive One to One courses has also been provided for employees facing redundancy by many high profile businesses within the city. These companies include Scottish Gas, British Telecom, Scottish Water, Scottish Enterprise, Royal Mail, Continental Tyres etc., as well as personnel leaving the Army, RAF and the Navy.

Our personal coaching sessions out in one of the school cars, in conjunction with attendance at the evening classes at the offices of Central Taxis in Bankhead Drive, ensure that our students receive the highest possible standard of expertly delivered and individually tailored tuition throughout.

Training car In addition to attending the evening classes, Intensive Course students can expect to receive in the region of 35 – 45 private daytime lessons, lasting on average three hours each. The exact number of sessions will be determined by the needs of the individual student.

During the one to one sessions, the pupil is driven in one of the school cars around the areas, streets etc. which have been studied at the evening classes. Additionally, in later lessons, route planning techniques are taught and practised. Progress tests are issued throughout and these highlight any aspects of the syllabus which may be in need of further clarification.

Students then attend our classroom based Route Planning and Assessment classes. The results of the full mock tests indicate any aspects of the course work which require further instruction. Consequently, the second half of the Intensive Course is very much modelled around the specific needs of the individual. Subject matter in these final sessions will obviously vary, and may include re-visiting certain areas, practising standard routes, devising routes from one problem area to another etc.

We are very confident that we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure that our Intensive One to One Course provides a cost effective and extremely efficient method of obtaining the coveted City of Edinburgh Taxi Driver’s Licence in a relatively short period of time.

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