Evening Classes to learn the Edinburgh taxi knowledge

Planned Study Evening Classes

Our evening classes offer a fully planned study course with progress tests throughout, gradually building the student’s knowledge to such a level that they have the confidence and ability to attempt “Full Mock Tests.” These exams are very similar to the actual topographical test that candidates are required to sit for the City of Edinburgh Council.

We use proven teaching methods at all our evening classes. Our lessons are structured, logical, very easy to follow and always delivered in a quiet professional manner. Every year many students come to us who have previously attended other taxi driver training establishments. These pupils have indicated that they found the coaching methods adopted by some other organisations to be complicated and difficult to understand, with lectures often taking place in rowdy and undisciplined surroundings.

We have run our evening classes continuously since October 1988. Over this 31 year period our students’ FIRST TIME pass rate has consistently been an exemplary 98%+. We have trained more than 2,500 taxi drivers since we started in 1988. We feel justifiably proud that our continued commitment and attention to the individual needs of our pupils have made this level of achievement possible.

We regularly conduct Customer Service surveys and these have shown that over 90% of our students in the class at any one time have been recommended by former pupils or persons affiliated to the Edinburgh taxi trade.

We do not ask our pupils for further monies after a few months if circumstances dictate that studies take longer than anticipated to complete.

The average student probably takes around 4 months to reach the standard required by the Council. Some students are quicker than this and some are slower. The length of time taken obviously varies depending upon initial knowledge and the amount of studying time available. However, if you are unfortunate enough to fail the Council’s Topographical Test at your first attempt, we would invite you back on to the course, FREE OF CHARGE, at any time prior to the date given by the Council for your earliest resit.

Our evening classes are held on Monday and Thursday evenings within the offices of CENTRAL TAXIS, 15 BANKHEAD DRIVE, EH11 4DW. Students may start the course any Monday or Thursday evening they wish. Normal class times are 7pm – 9pm EXCEPT on the first night when we request that new students come in a little earlier at 6.15pm.

Our Evening Class course is divided into 3 main stages:-
Stage 1 – 13 lessons – This part of the course usually lasts for just over 6 weeks (normally 2 lessons per week)
Stage 2 – Any number of our weekly Route Planning classes.(provided taken within one year of registration)
Stage 3 – Any number of our weekly Assessment sessions. (provided taken within one year of registration)


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